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  • Unsure About Whether to Hire a Divorce Lawyer or Mediator?

    Talk to the accomplished Long Island attorneys who excel in both areas

    Mediation sounds like a good option to most divorcing couples. When it’s the right fit, resolving issues outside of court can lead to a quicker, easier, less expensive result. However, in many cases, mediation isn’t appropriate and can make problems worse. The Long Island divorce lawyers at Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. understand litigation and mediation intimately and give New York clients the advice and guidance they need to find the right path.
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  • Experienced Lawyers Deliver Knowledgeable Guidance

    Qualified mediators assist with custody and support issues

    You can rely on our mediators to provide honest, knowledgeable assistance on the best way to resolve conflicts over alimony, child support and child custody. In mediation, we make sure that each party understands the pertinent law and isn’t distracted by emotional baggage. When discussions might be fruitless and litigation could serve as a better option, we’ll tell you that too.
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  • Firm Helps Long Island Clients Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

    Thorough lawyers provide personal assistance during divorce

    Whether or not mediation is right for you, our experienced attorneys can help you protect your rights in a cost-effective manner. As a leading Long Island divorce firm, we know how to get strong results for our clients even in tough situations. Talk to us before you make any assumptions about the marriage dissolution process or what you might give up. We’ll give you the comprehensive, personalized support you deserve.
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  • "Bryan made an otherwise painful process as easy and straightforward as it could've possibly been. Thanks again Bryan!" - S.R.

  • "Great law firm, Bryan takes the time to understand and plan out a sound legal strategy to suit your situation, He is very well respected in his field and has his clients best interest at heart!" - F.C.

  • "Bryan and his staff expedited my case and made it the best experience it possibly could be. Every step of the process I felt secure and confident in Bryan." - M.R.

  • "I knew I was always in the best hands and wouldn't trust anyone else with such a delicate case. I can't give him or his staff enough praise, I'm completely pleased with everything and can't thank him enough." - M.R.

  • "I have nothing but commendable things to say about Bryan and his staff. He made an otherwise grueling process not only bearable but tolerable." - J.M.

  • "The staff welcomed me and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Bryan handled my case with care and professionalism and I would recommend him and his team to anyone. It was truly a pleasure working with him." - J.M.

  • A Legacy of Outstanding Divorce Services

    An easier process with more approachable attorneys

    As an affiliate of Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C., the mission of Solutions Divorce Mediation is simple: to provide excellent divorce and family law mediation with a sense of urgency and purpose to protect your interests and deliver the best possible results.

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  • Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.

    Founder of Long Island's largest and busiest divorce and family law firm

    As a practicing Divorce Lawyer and as a Mediator, Mr. Salamone is in the best position to advise the parties on how the courts are handling any specific issue. Mr. Salamone is also in the best position to guide the parties through agreements that may be “out of the box” on different than what the law or court would specifically prescribe. Divorce Mediators don’t require a license in New York State so you can never be certain the skill level of the Mediator you select. Mr. Salamone and all the Mediators at Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. are practicing divorce and family law attorneys so you can trust the advice and guidance you receive during the mediation. Mr. Salamone himself, has successfully settled thousands of divorce cases in the last two and a half decades, let him help you settle yours.

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